Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Calla Lilies in oil pastel WIP

Calla Lily Lights by Marion Hedger
30x40cm oil pastel painting on blue colourfix paper

I have some lovely calla lilies growing under the shade of my magnolia grandiflora. They give a great stately display from early April until May lightening a shady corner. Here are some WIP pics.
The drawing with reference photo
Stage 1 blocking in the lights and darks

Step 2 - breaking up the masses
For some reason, I do not seem to have a stage 3 photo, but it was more of breaking down the masses working towards it looking real.

Stage 4 the finished piece

This started out as a study for a larger piece but I liked it so much I worked it up into a finished piece, although I will probably create a larger version at some time in the future.
Oil pastel works very well on colorfix paper allowing several layers to be added to achieve a real richness to the painting.

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  1. thanks for teaching, great help, the painting is beautiful!thank you



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