Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dancing Rudbeckias pastel painting

 Dancing Rudbeckias pastel painting by Marion Hedger
20x20cm (8"x8") soft pastel on sanded card

This is one of my favourites, probably because I have a soft spot for the pink/turquoise colour combination which I think fit so well together.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sunny Geranium en plein aire painting in oils

My pots of geraniums are coming along nicely, and who could resist painting them. They give such a splash of colour, it makes me smile when I see them.

 Sunny Geraniums oil painting by Marion Hedger
18x24cm oils on canvas board (MDF)

I painted the board with an underpainting of pink for this one. Not a lot of it shows through in the final painting, but enough to give the red geraniums a sunny glow.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

White Ice Bearded Iris oil painting

White Ice Bearded Iris
Oil painting by Marion Hedger
18x24cm, on canvas board (MDF) (approx 6"x10")
I have joined Daily Paintworks and this piece is for auction
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Another of my Garden 101 series cross posted in my daily painting blog.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Calla Lilies, oil

Here is an update on the plein aire calla lilies I posted earlier. I have lightened the top of the background, added more contrasts, and very slightly smoothed some of the lily.
 15x20cm (6"x8")
Oil on canvas board
I think I prefer it. It didn't need much tinkering so I am quite happy with the result.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Calla Lilies Alla Prima oil painting

I've set myself a task to do 101 daily paintings related to my gardens, to try and loosen up my style. I did a few featuring the lemons and oranges from my trees but now that the flowers are blooming I am using those and painting en plein aire when possible. I am taking the liberty of cross posting in this blog.
Here is one of the calla lilies

White Calla Lilies Oil painting by Marion Hedger
27cm x 19cm (11"x8" approx)
Oil on canvas board
Painted alla prima wet in wet.
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I'd like your opinions. I am quite happy with them when I paint them (I have several iris paintings which I shall post later) - but when looking at them later, they leave me less than satisfied.

I am always undecided on whether or not to leave well enough alone (and use as a ref to see if I am improving), or to rework some of the areas and bring them up to a more finished piece. Or is this my nitpicking and fiddling side taking over.
All comments welcome.

PS I do like sloshing that thick paint around.


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