Wednesday, July 18, 2012

White Hydrangeas oil painting by Marion Hedger

 White Hydrangeas Still Life
Oil on canvas board
30x30cm (12"x12")

These white hydrangeas welcome me every time I venture out of the back door. They sit in a large pot showing off their beautiful white heads. This is their summer plumage, but as summer goes on they will eventually turn pink then a greeny pink colour.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pink Geraniums oil painting

 Pink Geraniums Container Plant by Marion Hedger
Oil on canvas panel, 17x24 cm (approx 7"x11")

These pink geraniums - or should I say pelargoniums? - are part of my container garden that brightesn up my back patio area in the summer. Because we have such dry summers, it is hard to have anything flowering as most of the plants go into a dormant stage. So I plant up a lot of containers to brighten the barbeque area. It's a win win situation as they are also lovely to paint.

Part of my Garden 101 series.

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