Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunflower Duo Oil Palette Knife Painting 4"x4"

Sunflower Duo Oil Painting
Palette knife painting
10x10cm (4"x4") oil on panel
Available on Daily Paintworks

The edges of the panel have been painted black for display on a plate stand. Or the painting would look great framed.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Garden Flowers Miniature Treasure oil paintings

Spring Garden Flowers Miniature Treasure
Oil on panel Palette knife painting
15x20cm (4"x6")
Available on Daily Paintworks

A lively colourful Miniature treasure painting to celebrate the arrival of Spring.
The edges have been painted black so it can be displayed on a plate stand, or it would look good framed - no glass needed.

 Some of my other miniature treasures available on Daily Paintworks

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Almond blossom WIP Still Life oil palette knife painting

Almond Blossom Palette knife painting WIP
24x30cm (approx 10x12inch)
Oil on Canvas Panel
Work in Progress

As you read this I shall be on my way to Japan. Hopefully the cherry blossom will be in bloom and I will come away with heaps of photos to work from when I get back. I may also do some sketching while I am there.

To get me in the mood, I cut some of my almond blossom an placed it in this vase. The vase is from a set of three, all slightly different but all with odd angled sides. Talk about making things difficult to paint! This painting is not quite finished - I still have to work on the branch on the table and, now that I see the photo, alter the stem on the left.

Contact me about this, or any other painting HERE

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

4x6 Miniature treasure painting - garden series

 A collection of four of my 4"x6" Miniature treasure paintings in the garden series.
All available at $40 on Daily Paintworks

The hardest thing about painting these small paintings is coming up with the idea. I can sometimes spend considerable time coming up with a suitable concept. I look through my photos, art magazines and web images for 'the spark', never copying but building on an idea.

These Miniature Treasures have found new homes in the UK and USA
If you are interesting in purchasing or commissioning one, or maybe more to make a stunning group, please contact me here

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Three Roses Palette Knife Painting in Oil

Three Roses Palette Knife Painting
Oil on MDF canvas panel
15cmx15cm (6"x6") 
Available on Daily Paintworks

 This painting has a tactile impasto surface giving it a 3D look.
The edges of the panel have been painted black so it can be displayed on a plate stand. This painting would also look good in a floating frame.

About this painting
A larger painting of the rose paintings I painted in January. I wanted to see if the concept worked at a larger size. I use paint directly from the tube to achieve a luscious pure colour. For the roses I used Scarlet Lake unmixed to maintain that beautiful red, with permanent rose and alazarin crimson for the darker areas.

Some close-ups of the knife work


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