Thursday, April 30, 2015

Summer Containers - Colorful Petunias

Summer Containers - Colorful Petunias by Marion Hedger
5x7 inch on gallery wrapped canvas
Oil painting, painted with a palette knife

A companion piece to my last post Fuchsia basket. This is painted from life. The local nursery always have some baskets planted up early in the season. I couldn't resist and bought 3 for the carport and front entrance. It is a nice sunny spot and they flourish there. Elsewhere I will have to wait a little longer.

There is something therapeutic about painting these small paintings full of colour. I am definitely 'in the zone' mixing the colours and playing (sorry carefully considering) with the placement of colour and what will work with what.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Preparing for summer - Fuchsia Basket 5x7inch

Fuschsia Basket
palette knife oil painting
5x7inch on gallery wrapped canvas 1.5cm thick

Over the last week or so, I have been potting up my container plants ready for the late spring and early summer show. We had a few nice, warm days which always spurs me into action. Since then it has got a little colder and today we didn't see the sun at all. I know - I'm spoilt as normally our weather is so good.

As well as container gardening, I've been attempting to clear up my studio and even threw out a lot of earlier (bad!) paintings - I was really proud of myself! Maybe I'll treat myself to this lovely easel I found on pinterest

Looks good doesn't it?


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