Sunday, March 25, 2012

Poppy Medley in triplicate - poppy paintings by Marion Hedger

I always love the way the flower petals catch the sunlight and give that lovely transparent glow. There is one reference that I have painted several times because I like the colour and the effect of light. It is of a group of poppies. Here are my different versions, all in different media.
The first in colour pencil - previous posted as a work-in-progress demonstration. Here is the link Poppy Medley Colored pencil demo
Poppy Medley 1 - Coloured pencil painting by Marion Hedger
30x30cm coloured pencil on sanded card.

The second is in Acrylic and my favourite.
Poppy Medley 2 - Acrylic painting by Marion Hedger
46x55cm Acrylic on box canvas.
The third is in oil pastel
 Poppy Medley 3 - Oil pastel painting by Marion Hedger
33x20cm on sanded card.

All three are colourful and look stunning in a contemporary setting.

NOTE: Thanks to reference image library for the reference photo

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bronze Slipper Orchid oil painting

Bronze Slipper Orchid with dew drops by Marion Hedger
46x55cm oils on narrow box canvas
The photo for this was taken at Park Pheonix, Nice, France a couple of weeks ago. I've tried to portray the waxy leaves on this one. I uses a blending technique to represent those shiny leaves, with some glazing with undiluted paint on some areas.

Stay tuned for more orchid paintings, as this is one of my favourite subjects.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunlit White Lilies Oil Painting

Sunlit Lilies oil painting by Marion Hedger
Oil on boxed canvas 40x40cm. 
Can be framed or hung directly on the wall.

These lilies were growing in a pot outside of my kitchen door last summer. The way the light was catching the petals intrigued me. I had to include the dew drops which were a challenge making them look real. I had to wipe away the first few attempts as I had the shadows much too dark.


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