Sunday, March 25, 2012

Poppy Medley in triplicate - poppy paintings by Marion Hedger

I always love the way the flower petals catch the sunlight and give that lovely transparent glow. There is one reference that I have painted several times because I like the colour and the effect of light. It is of a group of poppies. Here are my different versions, all in different media.
The first in colour pencil - previous posted as a work-in-progress demonstration. Here is the link Poppy Medley Colored pencil demo
Poppy Medley 1 - Coloured pencil painting by Marion Hedger
30x30cm coloured pencil on sanded card.

The second is in Acrylic and my favourite.
Poppy Medley 2 - Acrylic painting by Marion Hedger
46x55cm Acrylic on box canvas.
The third is in oil pastel
 Poppy Medley 3 - Oil pastel painting by Marion Hedger
33x20cm on sanded card.

All three are colourful and look stunning in a contemporary setting.

NOTE: Thanks to reference image library for the reference photo

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