Thursday, February 26, 2015

Painting small, Daisy Trio Miniature Treasure oil painting

Daisy Trio
Palette knife painting
Oil on 4"x4" mini box canvas
A sister painting to yesterday's painting, see here. These Minaiture Treasure paintings are fun to paint. It often takes a few tries (i.e. wiping off!) to get the right feeling for these small paintings. It's a balance between enough and too much detail.

My 'miniature treasure' paintings are small paintings, usually 4"x4" that I paint to warm up or if I only have short time to paint (although often they take longer ). The problem is that they are addictive to paint and so I start building up a series. Each one has the same heavy impasto as my larger paintings, click on the photo to enlarge it.

They are a great affordable way to start an art collection and will add spots of colour around the house. They can be framed or displayed on a mini easel.

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  1. "I am working towards think twice, lay down paint once. This is much harder than it sounds." Such a true observation. I have found some artists think that they have to brush brush brush to achieve masterly results. However... when an artist begins to trust the medium... to become an active participant in the painting... then magic happens.



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