Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Summer Posy oil pastel painting

Summer Posy
Oil pastel painting
5"x5" on watercolour paper

This is the a continuation from yesterday's painting also using a section of the same discarded watercolor. I loosely laid in the areas of colour and once again used a cloth dipped in liquin to blend the colour. This beauty of using liquin is it's extremely quick drying time allowing the second layer to go on within minutes. This also helps to minimise the 'slippiness' that can occur when using several oil pastel layers.

About this painting
After blending the first layer with liquin. I laid in increasingly thicker layers of pastel in loose strokes. I use a back and forwards scribbly motions not distinct strokes. I wanted the painting to have a loose feel to it.

After leaving the painting to harden overnight, I added the final 'sugar' in the form of heavy pastel dots and highlights. I like the romantic look of this one.

How it might look framed

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