Sunday, June 14, 2009

Parrot Tulip Dance Pastel Painting

Soft Pastel 40 x 60cm on wallis paper

This painting was created from a photo I took at a local village flower show. The flower show is an annual event and the whole village including the castle/chateau is festooned with flower arrangements. It really is a must to see if you are ever in the French riviera in April.

Following on from painting pastels the colourful way, I decided to try the technique on a flower subject and the vibrancy of these parrot tulips just cried out to be painted.

Step 1 - I drew the parrot tulips and blocked in with colour, using cold colours for the darks and warm colours for the lights.

Step 2

Overpainting the underpainting to make the colours 'look right'.

Definitely a strange looking stage.

Step 3

Dividing the blocks of colour into 3 or 4 areas and finding the light and dark planes.

Starting to look like the parrot tulip

Step 4

Is a continuation of step 3. Dividing each of the areas created in step 3 again into 3 or 4 and digging deeper to find the changes in plane and colour. Any detail is also added in this last step.


  1. just painting parrot them for valentines :) found ur blog..great thank you Marion!

  2. I am very much impressed with your painting. I like to appreciate your good work.

  3. Your Paintings are so awesome. Thanks for this wonderful work.

  4. Painting parrot tulips is so awesome. You are a great painter. Best of luck.

  5. Thank you all for your comments. It's nice to know that someone likes the painting. I really enjoyed doing this one.



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