Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pink Camellias Still Life Acrylic painting

 Pink Camellias Still Life painting by Marion Hedger
50x50cm Acrylic on box canvas
Can be hung as is, or framed as desired.

"The camellia is a symbol of devotion for lovers in China. - In the eyes of the Chinese, the petals reflect the spirit of a lady, and the holder of the petals (the calyx) represents the young man entrusted by the lady as her protector.
The calyx of the camellia falls with the petals when the flower has finished blooming. This is unlike most other flowers, where the calyx seems to hang around the tree even after the petals have dropped. This phenomena symbolizes an everlasting union between lovers. In many parts of China, the camellia is considered as the flower for young sons and daughters." 
Thanks to 'livingartoriginals.com' for this description

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