Sunday, August 18, 2013

White Hydrangeas

Summer is a pretty dry time in my garden. After the beautiful flush of flowers in June and sometimes goes into July, the garden dries out and the flowers go into a sort of hibernation. They usually rejuvenate again in September and give me a second flush of colour.

I made a mistake this year with my white hydrangeas, I cut them almost to ground level. I was reading the instructions and merrily went ahead. It was only when I had finished I discovered that I was reading the wrong label and should not have pruned them at all! I was so annoyed with myself. I did get a few flowers but nothing that matched their splendour last year.
Here is a painting from last year that shows how big these hydrangea flowers get:
White Hydrangeas
Oil on canvas panel
This painting is for sale on Dailypaintworks HERE

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