Sunday, March 9, 2014

Garden Poppies Miniature Treasure palette knife painting

 Garden Poppies Miniature Treasure
palette knife painting
acrylic on MDF panel
10x15cm (4"x6")
Available on Daily Paintworks

I'm looking forward to the spring. The poppies will soon be popping up all over the garden. I let these poppies self seed each year and often help them by collecting the seed and sowing them. This year we should have a really good display as we have been rearranging the garden and poppies just love disturbed ground.

About this painting
This was painted with a palette knife, but because I used acrylics there is much less texture than when I use oils. I have not used acrylics much over the last couple of years, but I did like the fast drying and not having to treat the painting so delicately and waiting for it to dry. The surface has been varnished for protection.

The edges have been painted black, so it can be displayed on a plate stand. It would also look good framed (no glass needed).
Here is an example of it framed.
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