Sunday, July 20, 2014

What do you feed magpies? Almond Blossom Still Life

Almond Blossom Still Life
Oil, palette knife painting
24x30cm (approx 10x12inch)
On MDF canvas panel
Available on Daily Paintworks

We have an almond tree in the corner of the garden. It was here when we moved in nearly 10 years ago and I suspect it is about 40 years old. It receives absolutely no attention (apart from a good looking at!) but produces masses of blossoms and almonds every year. We don't profit from the almonds though, as the magpies get in first.

About this painting
Although the canvas panel is primed and could be painted on straight away, I always prime my panels with additional gesso. I have two reasons for this
- I prefer the feel of the fresh gesso
- the gesso adds some texture

The background is fairly smooth on this painting. I scraped back some of the paint which also has the effect of blending. On top of that I added more paint always with a slightly different hue. This produces so lovely rich layers. For the blossoms I loaded my palette knife with really thick paint and 'ladled' it on, leaving it and impasto. I love the effect this gives. The vase is one of a set of three which can only be described as square/triangular and makes for interesting painting.
Some close-ups

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