Thursday, September 11, 2014

Magenta Oleander posy still life - Day 11 of the 30 day challenge

Magenta Oleander posy still life
Palette knife painting
15x15cm (6"x6")
Oil on box canvas
Available in my Etsy store
A companion piece to yesterdays painting. This time painted from life.
I looked around the garden for flowers and it is pretty bare of flowers at the moment. Normally in September the plants come back into their own after the summer, but we haven't had any rain in a while so it's lacking much colour. The Oleander however, is still flowering away. I have several, all different colours - I'm thinking of painting the pink ones to form a trio of small posy paintings. 

About this painting

Oleanders are difficult to paint, especially alla prima. I tried to just capture the form of the petals and the general attitude of the flower. The background has more light green in it than appears in the photo, to off-set all that pink. I'm musing on whether or not, the background behind the flower needs to be darker.

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